Zack Brown
Zack Brown
Co-founder & CEO at Haiku

Haiku Animator goes open source

August 31, 2021 - 2 min read

Haiku Animator — a design tool for creating UI animations, Lottie files, and interactive web components — is now free and open-source. As in: no money paid, free for everyone forever, source code available on Github.

Over the last three years, Haiku Animator has been adopted commercially by a diverse group of folks spanning enterprise motion design teams, higher education instructors and students, and digital creative studios. The business reality: Haiku Animator costs our team time and focus while yielding only modest revenue. After deliberation, I made the call to pull the plug on the commercial service.

Rather than delete Haiku Animator from existence, though, we decided to spend some extra effort to open-source it. Our hope is that Haiku Animator’s existing community can evolve, adapt to the forces of technological evolution, and thrive as an open-source project. In time, perhaps it can come to earn a roster-spot alongside great FOSS design tools like Inkscape or Blender.

Thank you for your support of Haiku Animator over the years. We look forward to your involvement and support for the years to come.

You can download the open-source build of Haiku Animator 👉here👈 — or check the source code here.